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New Tradition's Schoolyard Habitat Garden with Impermeable Surface Removal and Rainwater Cistern Project was created in the school’s upper west yard in 2012 and 2013.

The goal of the garden to increase student and teacher awareness about wildlife, watersheds, and other natural resources and to promote actions to enhance, protect or restore these resources. We also want to create habitat for urban wildlife, and to connect children to their nearby natural areas.

The project in upper west yard was Phase II of the school’s Master Greening Plan put together in 2008 with help from Bay Tree Design and SFUSD bond funds.

In fall of 2011 the habitat garden project began with planning and fundraising/grant-writing by New Traditions Greening Committee, made up of parents and teachers. Spring of 2012 was when the shed was built that serves as office for our outdoor educator. In summer 2012, over 1100 square feet of impermeable surface was removed for the habitat garden with contractors and SFUSD approval. In fall of 2012, each classroom and grade level participated in planting the large garden. We also planted and installed the cistern during a Saturday volunteer workday with funders and neighbors as well as the school community of students, parents and teachers.

Coming soon is the habitat garden’s weather station and science equipment for exploration. Check out Olivia’s blog for updates on current projects including Phase III of our Master Greening Plan. Phase III is now in its first planning and fundraising for the Middle Yard: asphalt removal between the foursquare courts and the soccer court, with redwood forest habitat and fun hangouts for kids...

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